Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year Resolutions

-Family: I have been skyping my family almost on a daily basis. A very good progress compared to my average in 2013, which was probably once in a fortnight.
-Creativity: I consider this blog, a creative outlet. I'm learning how to edit photos. I'm writing more. I'm writing longer. So yes. I'm on the right track.
-Facebook: 15 days off Facebook, despite my sister's insistence that I go back there. But NO, I have had ENOUGH!
-Stretching: Dancing is much more fun. Especially if it's crazy uncontrolled hip movements to Queen Bey's beats.
-A.B.D: still stuck on Lefebvre. I have read 160 pages so far out of 400 something.
-Home: I will not have to ask my dad to buy me a plane ticket back home. My savings (I did not spend a single check from my second job) will hopefully suffice. I can't wait!!!!

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