Friday, January 17, 2014

Time to burn some incense and make some tea!

Trying to read The Production of Space from cover to cover was a really bad idea. I should not have done that. I do not regret starting the book. But it was taking me so much time to read because I was taking notes on Evernote. What I should have done is probably to read a chapter and then read some fiction, and then go back to it again. It really put me in a bad mood because I was not doing as much progress as I thought I would. So here is what I will be doing. I have 10 days left before the Spring semester starts, so I will be reading some Camus, some Beauvoir and some Etel Adnen. Time to burn some incense and make some tea. I will be starting with La chute

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I wish I wish I wish

Asos, Asos, Asos, Forever 21, Forever 21

Finding Solace in Beyonce and Girls

I am literally counting the days until I go back home. I'm planning to spend three months there. A lot of people have told me that three months is a lot. I DO NOT CARE (at least now I don't). I need this. I spent THREE YEARS away from home. I miss hugging my parents, my sister, and my cousins. I miss the food. I miss the beach. I definitely DO NOT miss my hometown, but that is a whole other issue. I can't wait to see my friends in Tunis, to hang out with them in the medina, while drinking real tea and real lemonade!! Until then, the only voices that accompany me in my solitude are Beyonce s in the morning, and HBO's Girls' between 12PM and 3AM. I thank them.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year Resolutions

-Family: I have been skyping my family almost on a daily basis. A very good progress compared to my average in 2013, which was probably once in a fortnight.
-Creativity: I consider this blog, a creative outlet. I'm learning how to edit photos. I'm writing more. I'm writing longer. So yes. I'm on the right track.
-Facebook: 15 days off Facebook, despite my sister's insistence that I go back there. But NO, I have had ENOUGH!
-Stretching: Dancing is much more fun. Especially if it's crazy uncontrolled hip movements to Queen Bey's beats.
-A.B.D: still stuck on Lefebvre. I have read 160 pages so far out of 400 something.
-Home: I will not have to ask my dad to buy me a plane ticket back home. My savings (I did not spend a single check from my second job) will hopefully suffice. I can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Alternatively yours: the New Wave of Tunisian Music

-A list of Tunisian New Wave artists that are worth the listen.

1-Houssem el Doss: "Chat'ha-Une Danse" (trans. A Dance).

2-Mariem Labidi: "Le Ma tawadaanich-Ne me quitte pas." 

3-Bendir Man: "Habiba Ciao" (trans. Bye my love)

4-Si Lemhaf: "Falijti Bjanbi" (non literal translation: "I'm all packed" )

5-Nechez: "Io Sono Tunisino" (trans. "I am Tunisian")